March 2nd, 2024

“La Baja” oysters, ponzu, 6 pieces $490

Plantain and macadamia bread with winter black truffle $990

with caviar, 20 grams $2900

Roasted celery root soup, olive, chives $250

Sweet onion cooked in whey, Comté cheese, cruffin $495

Burrata, fennel salad, green beans purée $490

Roasted beets, “Celaya” goat cheese, tangerine vinaigrette $380

Mixed green salad, blue cheese vinaigrette, parmesan $295

Caesar salad, head cheese $340

Penshell scallops “aguachile” $840

Octopus ceviche “a la mexicana”, guacamole and tostadas $540

Assorted sashimi, japanese snapper, yellowfin tuna, kampachi $740

Yellowfin tuna “tostada”, onion and soy mayonnaise, fried shallot $490

Stone crab and mole verde “tlayuda”, organic beans, guacasalsa $480

Lam birria “sincronizada”$495

Organic fried chicken, dried “chiles” and lemon butter $430

Jamón Ibérico, 70 grams $690

Tagliatelle with oxtail ragout and parmesan $590

Ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach, green peas and mint $540

Risotto with chives, parmesan $580

with black truffle $990

Roasted cauliflower, spinach, beurre blanc de kéfir $495

Buttered stone crab claws, 500 grams $2600

Wood grilled swordfish, smoked eggplant, beurre blanc $495

Wood grilled red snapper, heirloom beans stew, stone crab butter $590

Roasted chicken breast, sherry jus, potato gratin $540

Lacquered duck breast, cauliflower purée, sherry jus $720

Beer braised Wagyu cross beef tongue, “mole”, organic beans $695

Wood grilled Wagyu cross beef Rib Eye, organic potato purée, veal jus, morels $1250

Wagyu cross beef cheeseburger $590


Tasting menu $3300

With wine pairing $5150

Available from 1:00 to 9:45 p.m.

La Baja abalone “tostada”

Penshell scallops “aguachile”

Plantain bread and caviar

Stuffed chicken wing, smoked fish dashi

Risotto with black truffle

Wood grilled Wagyu cross beef Rib Eye

Today’s cheese

Tomato and raspberry sorbet, cherry

Truffle ice cream, sabayon, chocolate and banana ganache

Our menu is subject to change with the availability of our seasonal produce

“Alba white truffle” menu
5 courses $4500
with wine pairing $6350


Chocolate “caviar” tart, burnt vanilla, caramel, burnt vanilla ice-cream $390

Madeleines, homemade Nutella, 6 pieces $310

French toast, seasonal fruit compote, ice cream $380

Vanilla cheesecake, mango sorbet $360

Raspberry pavlova, gin ice cream, popcorn foam $350

Tarte tatin, ice cream $310

Chaurand goat cheese ice cream, phyllo, guava, olive oil $340

Artisanal cheese, seasonal fruit compote, cracker $490